A Cellular Automata Based Algorithm for path planning in Multi-agent system with a Common Goal

نویسندگانTavakoli Yashar, H.Haj Seyyed Javadi; Sepideh Adabi
نشریهIJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOL.8 No.7, July 2008
چکیده مقاله
The interest in MAS (Multi-Agent Systems) is increasing and  an important task is providing these systems with sophisticated planning algorithms. One of the major and complex planning problems in MAS is indeed path planning problem; in this way, the case in which every agent has its own goal has been more discussed than the one in which there is a common goal among the agents, while we know in the recent problem, there are potentially more collisions and bottlenecks making it a hard problem to approach. Through this paper, we will address certain boundaries of this problem and introduce an algorithm to achieve a proper solution to this optimization problem. 

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کلید واژه ها: Cellular Automata; Multi-Agent System; Path planning