A Novel Distributed Energy Aware Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

نویسندگانAdabi Sahar, Sam Jabbehdari,Amirmasoud Rahmani, Sepideh Adabi
نشریهJournal of Computer Science 4 (2): 161-166, 2008
چکیده مقاله
Abstract: This  paper  proposed  a  new Distributed  Score Based Clustering Algorithm  (DSBCA)  for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks  (MANETs).In MANETs,    suitable  nodes  in  clusters  as  cluster heads are  so  important.  The  proposed Clustering Algorithm  considers  the Battery Remaining, Number  of Neighbors, Number  of Members,  and  Stability  in  order  to  calculate  the  node’s  score  with  a  linear algorithm.  After  each  node  calculates  its  score  independently,  the  neighbors  of  the  node  must  be notified  about  it. Also  each node  s one of  its neighbors with  the highest  score  to be  its  cluster head and, therefore the ion of cluster heads is performed in a distributed manner with most recent information  about  current  status  of  neighbor  nodes.  The  proposed  algorithm  was  compared  with Weighted Clustering Algorithm and Distributed Weighted Clustering Algorithm in terms of number of clusters,  number  of  re-affiliations,  lifespan  of  nodes  in  the  system,  end-to-end  throughput  and overhead. The simulation results proved that the proposed algorithm has achieved the goals.

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کلید واژه ها: Ad-hoc Networks; Distributed clustering algorithm; Cluster head