A Novel Distributed Energy Aware Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

نویسندگانAdabi Sahar, Sam Jabbehdari,Amirmasoud Rahmani, Sepideh Adabi
نشریهJournal of Computer Science 4 (2): 161-166, 2008
چکیده مقاله<div style="text-align: justify;"> Abstract: This &nbsp;paper &nbsp;proposed &nbsp;a &nbsp;new Distributed &nbsp;Score Based Clustering Algorithm &nbsp;(DSBCA) &nbsp;for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks &nbsp;(MANETs).In MANETs, &nbsp; &nbsp;suitable &nbsp;nodes &nbsp;in &nbsp;clusters &nbsp;as &nbsp;cluster heads are &nbsp;so &nbsp;important. &nbsp;The &nbsp;proposed Clustering Algorithm &nbsp;considers &nbsp;the Battery Remaining, Number &nbsp;of Neighbors, Number &nbsp;of Members, &nbsp;and &nbsp;Stability &nbsp;in &nbsp;order &nbsp;to &nbsp;calculate &nbsp;the &nbsp;node&rsquo;s &nbsp;score &nbsp;with &nbsp;a &nbsp;linear algorithm. &nbsp;After &nbsp;each &nbsp;node &nbsp;calculates &nbsp;its &nbsp;score &nbsp;independently, &nbsp;the &nbsp;neighbors &nbsp;of &nbsp;the &nbsp;node &nbsp;must &nbsp;be notified &nbsp;about &nbsp;it. Also &nbsp;each node &nbsp;s one of &nbsp;its neighbors with &nbsp;the highest &nbsp;score &nbsp;to be &nbsp;its &nbsp;cluster head and, therefore the ion of cluster heads is performed in a distributed manner with most recent information &nbsp;about &nbsp;current &nbsp;status &nbsp;of &nbsp;neighbor &nbsp;nodes. &nbsp;The &nbsp;proposed &nbsp;algorithm &nbsp;was &nbsp;compared &nbsp;with Weighted Clustering Algorithm and Distributed Weighted Clustering Algorithm in terms of number of clusters, &nbsp;number &nbsp;of &nbsp;re-affiliations, &nbsp;lifespan &nbsp;of &nbsp;nodes &nbsp;in &nbsp;the &nbsp;system, &nbsp;end-to-end &nbsp;throughput &nbsp;and overhead. The simulation results proved that the proposed algorithm has achieved the goals.</div>

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tags: Ad-hoc Networks; Distributed clustering algorithm; Cluster head